Beneath the shadow part 9


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Timer of Zeroes
29th Jan 2011, 7:59 AM

part 9 of our ongoing event!

Welcome to our new saturday timeslot!

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29th Jan 2011, 8:52 AM

Have a subscription, my talented artist freind! =; )

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29th Jan 2011, 4:56 PM

Looks like the players whose characters were forever stuck in the lag of the new Stormwind, which were then placed into the giant hamster wheel that keeps the tram moving along precisely (the steam vents are just for effect and to create that eerie atmosphere for clandestine rendezvous into the darkened areas of the tunnels for some...ahem...roleplaying *wink* *wink*) have finally been disconnected from the server!

Quick - find someone - anyone! Better yet, head to Goldshire and look for anyone actually QUESTING there - they're obviously noobs with Commodore 128's - they're the PERFECT replacement!!!

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30th Jan 2011, 12:35 AM

I love both your story lines and your artwork. Your updates always brighten my Friday, and now it'll be a highlight for the weekend. Keep up the excellent work.

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31st Jan 2011, 7:33 AM

I really love how you drew this page :)

The dynamics and interaction are amazing! :)

And you did a great job on the coloring :)

Thanks again for the new page! ;)

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31st Jan 2011, 11:17 AM

Zohaar seems like the baby brother type, hope he comes out okay, the draenei are by far my favorite characters so far!

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Random Guy.

2nd Feb 2011, 6:12 AM

I liek that gnowm.

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4th Feb 2011, 9:45 AM

I miss the Friday time slot already :'(

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8th Feb 2011, 2:44 PM

ooo! very nice!

ps... is it wrong of me to want a big bushy pink beard like that gnome's in real life? >)

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