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  • What’s it about?

Out of World is a sitcom based World of Warcraft web comic centred on a mainly Alliance caste of characters. The comics are often ‘one-shots’ but usually with over arching storylines and a focus on character development.


  • When do you update?

Every Friday now!


  • How did it start?

It all started when we begun to notice that based on our style of play, various situations and attitudes towards our toon’s race and class that they were forming little personalities all of their own and from that storylines begun to spring up as if out of nowhere. Being creative types we looked for an outlet for this, it started with doodles and fan art but we wanted more so a web comic wasn’t a massive stretch for us.


  • What’s with all the spacegoats?

We have no idea, it just happened that way, they’re just the race that’s most played by us.


  • Why aren’t you playing Horde already?

We do.  All of us have Horde alts, some have even made it to level 80, but we play Alliance more often than not.


  • Are you going to tell us what server you’re on?

OK, we will, but only if because we like you. We play on Argent Dawn EU (RP).


  • Are these even your toons in-game names?

Nope, all of the characters names have been changed, but their race and class remain the same.


  • How long have you been playing?

Timerzero and Axolotl have been playing for around two years and Amoeba hasn’t yet got a toon past level 40, she’s a noob.


  • Who are you guys anyway?

We are a group of three friends from the United Kingdom, Amoeba and Axolotl met in high school and timerzero and Axolotl  have been together for a very, very long time.

timerzero- does the writing, he’s our idea factory.

(He created the characters of Odyseus, Rurik, Oleander, Moriarty, Rhatas, Harnold and a bunch of other minor characters.)

Amoeba- is the web mistress,  typography and manages the website and uploads.

(She created Asboeous and Erestus)

Axolotl- does the panel layout, drawing, inks and colours.

(she created Cherry, Shnookums, Zohaar and Kiandra)


  • Anywhere else I can find you?

Sure thing, we have online galleries and blogs at-




  • Any awesome links you wish to share with us?

Oh yes, oh yes indeed-

Web comics






We’ve also drawn a lot of inspiration from machinima, so here’s a link to our favourites in no real order-